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Mecha Solar Egypt
Mecha Solar Egypt is a renewable energy project developer Company that specializes in solar energy deployment.
We identifies, develops, and finances viable renewable energy projects.
Mecha Solar Egypt only uses proven technologies from trusted suppliers and manufacturers and only hires internationally recognized and respected contractors.

Mecha Solar Egypt's "Mission - Goal - Core Values - Quality Policy"

- Achieve customer delight by providing quality processes, Products and services.
- Establish clear performance objectives.
- Encourage self developed within a supportive environment.
- Recognize suppliers as an integral part of our business.
- Pro-actively innovate processes, products and services.
- Grow sales turnover greater than the market.

Mecha Solar Egypt's goal is to bring green energy mainstream forces the company to operate at the forefront of the renewable energy sector.

Core Values:
- Dedication to customer delight and satisfaction.
- Recognition of the welfare and value of our employee.
- Culture of integrity, dependability and mutual respect.
- Expectation of a high level of performance from our employees.
- Commitment to effective communication.
- Belief in team strength and effectiveness.
- Open and Visible "Corporate Responsibilities".

Quality Policy:
-Mecha Solar Egypt select, develop, lead and motivate all our employees so that together, we deliver t our customers, products and services which exceed our customers' expectations.
-Mecha Solar Egypt is committed to comply with the requirements of the quality management system and to continually improve the effectiveness , by minimizing Risk and encompassing opportunities.

Mecha Solar Egypt is specialized in installing solar energy systems
Photovoltaic solar system (On & off Grid Systems)
Solar water heaters
Solar water pumps 
For Domestic buildings and industrial areas & Factories

Mecha Solar Egypt Plans to empower the world's underdeveloped communities through the application of solar and wind energy technologies.
Our dream is that the company will become the world's leading provider of renewable energy (RE) products and services, with projects potentially spanning all seven continents.

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